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Casual Navy Sunday: I Dress Up for the Bookstore

Today was one of those lazy kind of Sundays where you get a late start on your day, and yet feel as if not a minute was wasted. The kind where spending the first half of the day on the sofa is perfectly acceptable. Nevertheless, the warm spring rays of the sun was much too inviting to stay inside forever, and I eventually got myself up and out the door. Though, if I’m being honest, my goal for the day was not exactly exhilarating. My one and only goal for the day was to make my way to the Barnes & Noble bookstore to make good on a gift card I won at my job’s raffle for Teacher Appreciation Week! There are some nice perks to being a teacher. With, quite literally, perfect Springtime, Los Angeles weather a casual, breezy dress felt like the only way to go. However, I have lately been in love with my latest acquisition of a darling Kate Spade purse! Its color is bright, it pops, and its been the …

Flowers in the Breeze

Spring is officially here! And true to spring comes the march of floral prints, and I certainly could not resist.  A mild spring day accompanied by a soft, cool breeze was the backdrop for my many downtown excursions. The pleasant weather and bright sun led me to only one perfect conclusion… a dress must be worn! Now when I do my fashion posts, I  do not necessarily have outfits planned to share. Many times, I happen to look  down and realize that I really love the outfit I’m wearing, so I make a point to take a ton of pictures of it to write about it in time. However, I happened to noticed this week that I had a sort of running theme going with a couple ensembles: dresses, floral prints, and flowing fabrics! All of which are perfect for this spring season! However, these dresses happen to both be in two very different styles.