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Life after Paris.


Weekend Getaway: A Foodie on The Beach

Over the years, I have grossly underestimated the importance of simply getting away. Now, getting away does not necessarily mean a long winded vacation, though I do have one planned. However, I rarely consider the importance of having a change of scenery that is close to home. And honestly, living in southern California, it is a shame I don’t take advantage of it more often. Luckily, I had a caring friend who was there to remind me that a vacation can mean more than an itinerary and a plane ticket. This past weekend I had the good fortune to go out and spend a few days in Newport Beach. It was a much needed break from my usual surroundings, as the monotony of life can become relentless and can have a way of tearing a spirit down. Honestly, I did not realize how much I needed this, until it happened. It wasn’t just a change in surroundings that was needed, but it was the opportunity to interact with a fresh group of people in a …