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Flowers in the Breeze

Spring is officially here! And true to spring comes the march of floral prints, and I certainly could not resist.  A mild spring day accompanied by a soft, cool breeze was the backdrop for my many downtown excursions. The pleasant weather and bright sun led me to only one perfect conclusion… a dress must be worn! Now when I do my fashion posts, I  do not necessarily have outfits planned to share. Many times, I happen to look  down and realize that I really love the outfit I’m wearing, so I make a point to take a ton of pictures of it to write about it in time. However, I happened to noticed this week that I had a sort of running theme going with a couple ensembles: dresses, floral prints, and flowing fabrics! All of which are perfect for this spring season! However, these dresses happen to both be in two very different styles. Advertisements