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A Marrigage of the Food-Kind: Home Café and Boiling Crab

So, I’ve been away from my blog and online life for a bit, reconnecting with the real world. It’s a balancing act, negotiating between the online and the real world. It’s something I am still trying to learn. But, I know that I will in time, if I keep at it. That aside, I want to talk about a delightful little gem – or two – that I happened upon while on an outing with my sister and a couple of friends. It all started with puppies. Yes, you read that correctly, puppies. A litter of 5 puppies to be exact, and my mission to find them a home. My sister put me in contact with a potential candidate for a new forever home for one of them, and when everything worked out, we all decided to sort of solidify our new bond by having dinner together at the infamous Boiling Crab, a seafood restaurant. Advertisements

Weekend Getaway: A Foodie on The Beach

Over the years, I have grossly underestimated the importance of simply getting away. Now, getting away does not necessarily mean a long winded vacation, though I do have one planned. However, I rarely consider the importance of having a change of scenery that is close to home. And honestly, living in southern California, it is a shame I don’t take advantage of it more often. Luckily, I had a caring friend who was there to remind me that a vacation can mean more than an itinerary and a plane ticket. This past weekend I had the good fortune to go out and spend a few days in Newport Beach. It was a much needed break from my usual surroundings, as the monotony of life can become relentless and can have a way of tearing a spirit down. Honestly, I did not realize how much I needed this, until it happened. It wasn’t just a change in surroundings that was needed, but it was the opportunity to interact with a fresh group of people in a …