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See, Hear, Speak : Little Bird – Part 1

‘He lifted the feather from the desk and held it up eyeing it carefully, as if he had noticed it for the first time… A small weak smile crossed his face, “She loved birds,” he seemed to whisper more to himself than the others.


A Celebration of Life, After Death

But today… today is his birthday. It is his life that we choose to recognize. It is his life that we choose to celebrate, and it is his life intertwined with our own lives that we have come to appreciate.

RIP, Leonard Nimoy

Originally posted on Whatever:
He passed away today at 83. Here’s the New York Times obituary. Doubt there are many people in the world who were so plainly and simply admired as he was, and is. And rather than to be entirely sad about the end of a life lived well and prosperously, here’s a couple of music videos for you. Rest in peace, Leonard Nimoy. We are, will always be, your friends.