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10 Days to Love: A Challenge – Part 2

It is my desire to fall desperately, endlessly, and madly in love with myself.


10 Days to Love: A Challenge – Part 1

I read somewhere once that in order for anyone to love you, you must first love yourself. And while I understand the logic behind this, I could not help wondering… wouldn’t it be nice if someone could love you while you learn to love yourself? Hmmm… maybe I’m wishing for too much. That aside, I wondered about the concept of self-love. For some, it appears to come easily. They love and revere themselves. There is nothing they cannot do or try. In all honesty, I envy and admire such people. For, to love thyself, despite all flaws is a challenge indeed. Through out my internet musings I came across an article or something of that nature that suggested that one should write down what there is to love about oneself. That to start the practice of writing it, it will eventually become a habit to learn and appreciate what there is to love about yourself. I have never done any such thing. Feeling it was far too narcissistic, I have actually never sat down and …