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From Moonlight to The Limelight: Joi McMillon is the first Black, female to be Nominated for an Oscar in the Editing Category.

Academy Award season has swept across Tinseltown, and is the trending topic in news feeds across social media platforms. But this year, there is a new sensation in the air as Hollywood seems to be making strides towards more diversity and consciousness. With films like “Moonlight,” “Fences,” and “Hidden Figures” getting best picture nominations, this is a welcomed change considering this hot button issue has been one of deep seeded strife and conversation. One may recall last year’s #SoWhite boycott that encouraged Black Hollywood and other POC to boycott the awards in protest to nominees. However, this inclusion goes beyond nominating movies featuring Black leading actors to include those minds who make the final movie the product the audience sees on the silver screen. One notable nomination is that of Joi McMillon, who is the first Black female to be nominated for an award in the editing category. Advertisements

“Me” Date to the Melrose Trading Post Flea Market

From time to time, I go out on what I like to call “Me” dates. A “Me” date is a date that I take myself on, with absolutely no one else around. Now, it may seem silly, but I call it a date because I get all decked out for these occasions. I pick out a cute outfit, plan an itinerary, and even treat myself to a fancy lunch or dinner. These outings are my chance to get back in touch with myself. To reconnect. To take some time to think about where I am at the present, where I intend to go, and reflect on how I feel about the situation. Its a time to really get to know me, thus its a “Me” date. This past Sunday I was on one such “Me” date, and decided to spend an afternoon at the Melrose Trading Post flea market held at Fairfax High School. I’ve lived in LA my entire life, and for some reason I’ve never made my way to the flea market until …