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Two Years Later: The Conversation of Mental Health Continues

At 19 years old, his build was stocky and solid, with not much height to work with, and hands that were larger than expected. He walked with a slight bounce in his step, just on the ball of his foot; and a wide, bright smile, always, on his face. His mission, it seemed, was to make everyone around him laugh. He was laughter, and fun, and lighthearted, and, at times, child-like. Without warning he, somehow, etched a niche for himself in our little home among our little family in South Central Los Angeles. We did not have much, but what we did have we shared openly with him. In this way he became our brother, friend, son, confidante, grandson, soulmate, and nuisance (as little brothers, real or adopted, should be.) He took his life two years ago. He was 27 years old. I wish I had known we only had eight years. Advertisements

I’ve Been Through the Darkness

I’ve been through the darkness, More times than I can recall. It follows me, you see, Wherever I seem to roam. It is my constant companion, A most intimate of friends, Where all else fails, it seems to know no end. I have been away from my blog for over a month now. I know that is quite some time. I cannot say exactly why I took this time away. I won’t pretend to have a profound reason for my actions. The best I can come up with is that I simply did what I needed to do. I’ll be honest, trying to maintain a message of hope or of optimism is… well… exhausting. It takes pushing one’s emotional and mental faculties to the brink. It takes a conscious and deliberate effort to spin the hopeless into the hopeful, the bleak into an opportunity, the defeated into a strategy for victory. I’ll admit, I am not always good at it. In fact, if we are being honest with one another, its not exactly one of …