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On the Edge of the Country, My Norcal Adventure

Sometimes an escape is only a few hours north of home.


Terroni: Table for One, Please

  There is a restaurant, in the heart of downtown L.A. that I love to go to when I am feeling especially in need of some alone time. It is on the corner of 8th and Spring street, a place where the Historic Core and Fashion District come in contact with one another. Just a stones throw from Gallery Row where the buildings are still old brick structures, with trees aligning the cracked pavement, and patrons lean into one another over artisanal beers; among this backdrop stands Terroni, which prides itself on serving delicious traditional, rustic, Italian cuisine. The first time I ever ate here was on a date around this time last year with a young man whose interest surprised me. It was ultimately fruitless, as we both went our separate ways over time – but that’s another story. He suggested the place and the time, and we met one cool evening for dinner. I was pleasantly surprised because, for all my wanderings, this was a place I had not yet discovered, and I …

My Birthday Indulgence: Dinner at The Bazzar by Jose Andrés

Friday, October 9th was my thirty-first birthday. I am officially over 3 decades old, even if that is one year over. I always make it a point to do something significant for my birthday. It may seem silly, and often times you will hear people say that they prefer not to make a big deal out of the day because it is just like any other. But let’s be honest, where is the fun in that? In my opinion, it is not like any other day because it is YOUR birthday. If nothing it holds significance for you. Your life matters. It is so important! And we all deserve to celebrate our birth like its a national holiday. Even more, it certainly was not “just another day” for your mother who went through the physical trail of bringing you into this world. So, if you can, at least do something for your mother or in honor of the memory of her struggle, if you do not do something for yourself. So, what did I do, …

A Marrigage of the Food-Kind: Home Café and Boiling Crab

So, I’ve been away from my blog and online life for a bit, reconnecting with the real world. It’s a balancing act, negotiating between the online and the real world. It’s something I am still trying to learn. But, I know that I will in time, if I keep at it. That aside, I want to talk about a delightful little gem – or two – that I happened upon while on an outing with my sister and a couple of friends. It all started with puppies. Yes, you read that correctly, puppies. A litter of 5 puppies to be exact, and my mission to find them a home. My sister put me in contact with a potential candidate for a new forever home for one of them, and when everything worked out, we all decided to sort of solidify our new bond by having dinner together at the infamous Boiling Crab, a seafood restaurant.