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noun | af·fla·tus| /əˈflātəs/ : a divine creative impulse or inspiration. *

Darling Afflatus, per the name, quite literally means: sweet inspiration. It is through writing, reflecting, expressing, and sharing that I not only seek to reinvent and find purpose in my life, but it is my desire to share the insights, advice, and opinions I have with an audience who also seeks purpose and understanding in their own lives.

The mission is twofold: Firstly, I want to prove to myself that it is never too late to reinvent one’s self. To rediscover life’s purpose, and to find meaning where meaning was lost. Secondly, it is my desire to take this message and share it with the world. I sincerely want others to find comfort and strength through my journey, and to find the will to pursue their own journey.

Through honest, clear, and intrusive understanding of myself, I wish to find peace in life and to share that peace with others. The goal is to first be candid with myself, so that I may build an open dialogue with you, the audience.

*As defined by Google.com.

 The Writer



20160213_171112At some point in time we all stop, take a look around, and realize we have no idea where we are going. A little before my 30th birthday, this exact thing happen to me.

As a result, among other things, I started a blog to force myself to do the one thing that has always helped me to find peace and clarity – write. This place is my space to compose, journal, and chronicle my thoughts as I enter a stage in my life of exploration and deep introspection. However, I realized that I am not the only one on a journey of self re-discovery, and I thought it would be a good idea to share my journey with the world.

That aside, I am a proud Los Angeles born native, and a San Francisco transplant. I have a sincere love of reading and writing, with an enthusiasm for Jane Austen and Jhumpa Lahiri. A constant dreamer; I am the quintessential hopeless romantic being a sucker for a good love story, foreign films, and picturesque views. As an educator, I possess a natural enthusiasm to learn. So much so, that I will be pursuing a Master of Arts in Fashion Journalism. My greatest ambition in life is to be recognized as a writer. With this in mind, my current goals include creating a name for myself in the online writing community, contributing to a publication preferably on the topics of lifestyle, fashion and race relations, and being an authoress of children’s stories with an emphasis on depicting characters of a variety of ethnicities and backgrounds. But these are just a few of many dreams.

More than once I have been described as eclectic, with hobbies that range from attending ballets to collecting anime/manga to dining on oysters in an open air market.

I look forward to meeting you.

May we all be sweetly inspired.

A. Reneé.