Month: January 2017

Healing & Gratitude: A 2017 Year-Long Theme

I believe that with each new year certain themes take precedence in our lives. This time last year, I had written a blog post expressing nothing but my sincerest gratitude for all that I had experienced in 2015. Keeping that theme in mind, I made it a point to express gratitude to all those I encountered throughout 2016. I consciously and consistently told those who showed me kindness, showed me empathy, and showed me support that I appreciated them. I said, “Thank you,” a lot; and you know what? People responded with warmth and acceptance. It goes without saying that 2016 for humanity, as a whole, was rather disheartening. We, collectively, witnessed our species at its lowest, most bigoted, and most disparaging. It was a tough year, and due to the actions of some we humans – especially those in this country – will have to endure the consequences of our foolish and selfish choices. I will be honest, I am wary of the next four years to come. Advertisements