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On the Edge of the Country, My Norcal Adventure

I originally planned for this post to come out on Friday, July 8th. Instead, I wrote on a topic more relevant to current times.

Roughly three weeks ago, I went on a sort of mini-vacation to Northern California. It was a last minute thing. It came at the suggestion of a good friend. He understood that, at the moment, I was conflicted over a difficult decision. I was still trying to decide on what would be best for my future. It was one of those matters of over thinking a situation. Over thinking so much that I was unable to see clearly.

So, my friend made the brilliant suggestion that I fly up and meet him in San Francisco. From there we made the drive to the seaside city of Mendocino, California. At first suggestion, it seemed like a rather simple plan. However, once we began the journey, I was surprised by the gracious beauty of my wonderful home state and all the picturesque views along the way.

It was just the distraction I needed to break my own egotism, and step outside of myself for some clarity.

It was idyllic, and I knew I had to take the time to share the photos with you.

After exiting the city of San Francisco via the Golden Gate bridge, our journey north took us through, the always exquisite, wine country and into the Navarro River Redwood State Park. Being the city girl I am, seeing Redwood trees up close for the first time in my life was a humbling experience.


Next, fours hours or more after leaving San Francisco, we made it to our destination of Mendocino, California. This seaside destination is more a town than a city. It boasts only a few key businesses is surrounded by the homes of the residents. It sits, literally, on the edge of the state, with the California cliffs dropping off into the expansive Pacific Ocean, stretching out to seemingly endless wonder. Watching the waves and listening to the sea, alone, is worth the trip.

Third stop, Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, which is just a few miles north of Mendocino. This was actually my idea, as I realized we were so near this popular beach spot. I had actually just seen a post on Facebook listing the, “must-see” beaches of the world. It just so happened that Glass Beach was on that list, so we decided, while I am here why not make the stop to check it out?

Finally, heading back to the city, we stopped at the island that connects to the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge just before entering San Francisco. I learned that this area is Sausalito, California. We hiked up a tourist dominated piece of land known as Hawk Hill. Again, the city girl in me was not thrilled about hiking, but it I did not complain and it was worth the effort. The view of the bay to the east and the ocean to west is, to say the least, breathtaking. We happened to come just as the sun hit the perfect angle to turn the ocean into a scintillating sheet of pure, white gold. I basked in the view of my future home, and allowed my spirit to, finally, find peace.

My heartfelt gratitude goes to my friend, who made this most amazing mini-vacation possible. He does not know it, but he could not have stepped in at a better time. His ideas helped me to make one the most important decisions of my life, and something like that simply cannot be taken lightly.

So, travel my darlings, as far as you can, for as long as you can. Though do not underestimate what could be lying in wait just a few hours north (or south, east, or west) of you.

Until we meet again, may you always be sweetly inspired.

All photography was taken by A. Reneé and co. for Darling Afflatus, 2016. Images may not be used without permission.


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