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Becoming the Change: Future Plans, Future Dreams

It has been over a month since my last blog post, which was not my intention.

This blog was started as a form of catharsis and as I way for me to reflect upon my life’s journey. I would not say that my reflection – nor my journey – are over, but there has been a shift in my focus as of late.

Firstly, let me announce, with joy and gratitude in my heart, that I have been accepted into my school of choice, Academy of Art University, to pursue a Master of Arts degree in Fashion Journalism. This fall I will begin a new and uncertain chapter in my life in the beautiful city of San Francisco, CA, and I could not be more thrilled! More terrified! And more proud of myself, than I am right now.

Since my acceptance, my entire focus has been on preparing for my move. I leave behind my family, friends, and my hometown for the longest period of time in my entire life, and I am not sure if I will return once I have completed this leg of my life’s path. Truthfully, this period of my life has got to be the most comfortable I have ever been. What I mean by that is I  have all I could really want or need for contentment. I have a loyal, encouraging group of friends who have brought more fulfillment to my life than I could have ever imagined. I have finally grown comfortable with being single, and the desperate fear of being alone no longer haunts me as it once did. I am reconciled. I have reached a point of understanding and impasse with my family, that has led to more harmonious home life. When I look at the picture in its entirety, my life – currently – is in a relative state of stability and peace.

So, why am I leaving?

I have asked myself this question time and time again.

My answer? Well, a little voice inside me says, “How long until this isn’t enough,” and I  know she is right.

I am innately ambitious. I desire comfort, but I also seek out opportunity for improvement. Change, as we all know, does not come from being stagnant or by sticking to routine. In order for change to happen one must, “be the change.” So, here I am being the change I so desire to see in my world.

That is why I am leaving behind my comfort, peace, friends, family, familiar streets and avenues; because I seek to be the change for something greater than what I could settle for at the moment. I abhor settling. I run from mediocrity. I have harbor big dreams in my tiny heart, and I do not think I will ever sleep peacefully until I have at least attempted to reach them.

My friends and family do not see this as ingratitude on my end, and that is what I am most concerned about. They see my ambitious nature not as unabashed dismissal of them, but as determination, and in that light they support me. The people who matter the most are on my side. That is all I really need.

But where does that leave Darling Afflatus? There may be a bit of a hiatus, mostly because I need to focus on other things. But once the dust has settled and cleared, I believe Darling Afflatus will re-emerge with a new mission, purpose, and overall look – and with a whole new city to explore. I am excited for the future of this blog, my education, and career – and what’s more, I am excited to be sharing this journey with you.

So, until we meet again.

May you always be sweetly inspired.


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