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OOTD #44/322: Coming Full Circle-Skirt

Hello my darlings. I know its been awhile since my last outfit of the day post, and it is kind of ironic that it comes nearly a month after the first one, but these types of posts are not planned. They are done on the fly, when I am feeling especially good about what I am wearing on that day.

Today was one of those days for a very particular reason, that being, I came across the designer for the skirt I happen to be wearing! Actually, if I want to be technical, she found me! I happened to be in Old Town Pasadena on this unseasonably warm weekend. With Valentine’s day being tomorrow, and me being as single as a girl can be, my mother, sister, god-mother, and I decided to celebrate ourselves by enjoying an ultra-girly, afternoon tea party at the Tea Rose Garden. A detailed blog post on this outing will be coming within the next few days, but I will say that if you are ever in need of a reason to dress-up, then this place is perfect! I describe it as the place fairies comes from. It has an ultra-feminine, Victorian-Era inspired feel to it. Or perhaps I would describe it as a Jane Austen book come to life. Anyway it goes, one cannot attend tea here without wanting to doll themselves up a little!

This is why I wore my newest find from Anthropologie. The day I found this skirt, it was one of those “love at first sight” moments. I had no purpose for it, but I knew it had to be mine. I actually told my friend who was with me that the skirt was, “speaking to me.” (Please excuse my crazy shopping ways.) So, I bought it on a whim and never looked back. I guess it was fate because as I made my way down Colorado Boulevard in Old Town Pasadena today, I felt a hand reach out to me and a voice declare, “That’s my skirt!” To which I turned to meet the most delightful woman clutching a vibrant bouquet wrapped in brown butcher paper. Her name, Eva Franco, and she is the designer of my skirt as well as her own brand!

She was as elated to meet some one wearing her design, as I was to meet the creative master-mind behind it. What’s more she was kind enough to invite me to her studio in the Los Angeles area so that I could possibly purchase another of her whimsical pieces for my wardrobe! From designer, to store, to customer, to designer again – the retailing process come full-circle. Meeting Eva Franco and taking a picture with her was the absolute highlight of my weekend! View the picture of us on instagram: here.

As for the outfit, this skirt is in my favorite color to wear, Blush Pink, in a tulle fabric. It is topped with gold, circle, appliques – a fun alternative to the usual polka-dot print – which gives it the fanciful feel that I adore about it. I wanted to keep with that sensation, so I paired it with a staple, black-and-white striped, top with 3/4 sleeves. On my feet, black, suede, pointed-toe pumps with metal detail. I think I channeled a bit of my Parisian influence with this outfit. In this look, I could easily imagine myself walking along the trails in the Luxembourg Garden, a raspberry sorbet in hand, on a mild, spring day. I went full on girl-mode with a floral headband to crown my curls, and my Kate Spade necklace and earrings pictured in my last OOTD post. Finally, a black blazer for when the warmth of the day begins to give way to the cooler temperature of the evening.

Striped, 3/4 Sleeve Top – H&M // Blush Skirt with Gold Circle Appliques – by Eva Franco for Anthroplogie // Pumps – Aldo // Blazer – Target

This brings to mind an anecdote. A co-worker asked earlier this week, “Why do you always dress up?” Even at work I try to look my best and put together stylish outfits. Most of my co-workers do not understand why I insist on doing this. Because we are all preschool teachers, they reason that dressing up is unnecessary or a waste. Their assumption is that we are just going to get messy anyway. While that may be true, my answer to her was very simple, “Because you never know who you might meet, and I want to look my best when we do meet.”

Today was one of those days! The day I am always prepared for.

So, I leave you with this thought: though it may not always seem necessary, you should want to present your best at all times! Dress for the woman (or man) you want to be, not for who you have to be. Besides, you just never know what the day has in store for you.

Until next time my darlings.

May we all be sweetly inspired.

All images were created and taken by A. Reneé for Darling Afflatus, 2016. Please do not use without permission.



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