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Your ignorance astounds me.

Don’t you know that for me to love you was to have the world at your feet?

To be made a king, for I am as a queen?

But you lacked clarity. You could only look at me, you could not truly see me for all the woman I am.

Your vision was too blinded by the superficiality of the world. You were woefully unaware of the strength of my affection for you. An affection that would have supported you through any challenges life has to offer. It would have been your greatest ally. Your steadfast confidante. Your shield from torrential rains, and your foundation when you shine.

It is a shame what a lack of true vision can bring; because now… now, you will have to settle for being a pauper, when you could have been as a king.

Because in the end, you could only look, but not see.

The catharsis continues. The first draft of this was written 5 years ago. Stumbled across it recently, so I thought I would clean it up and share. The best inspiration comes when we are feeling most deeply, wouldn’t you agree?

May we all be sweetly inspired.

Feature Image Photo Credit: My eyes via photopin (license)


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  1. Denise White says

    I am speechless, but it was on point, if men could really see and understand i will treat you like the king you are if you treat me like the ” Queen ” that I am. Smile


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