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In Love with Love

I was going through old photos of my trip to Paris, France this past May, when I came across this picture taken while I was at the Louvre. Its a sculpture of Eros and Psyche in an embrace. This was my favorite of all the Greek myths when I was a little girl. I memorized it. I even wrote a short-story, modern day version of if for my final project in college when I took a course on children’s literature.

I remember being in that museum, with hundreds of works of art to see, but only had eyes for this one sculpture. I must have spent 20 minutes at least, just admiring it, snapping pictures of it, and adoring every angle of it. I circled the sculpture several times, trying to commit every detail to memory as I captured them on camera.

My favorite thing about this piece is that it is depicting the final resolution to the climax of the story! After proving her love and devotion, and owning up to her mistake, Psyche is forgiven by Eros, who realizes his own mistake and nearly loses her to the spite of his jealous and callous mother. A real, “true love conquers all,” fairy-tale ending.

Another detail I love about the myth is the meaning behind the names. Eros is love, Psyche is soul. So, Psyche is, quite literally, the soul mate to love! To add to the story, some versions state they have a daughter whose name means Bliss.

Moral of the story: When you meet your soulmate in love, you create true bliss together.

A true Libra through and through; I am forever in love with love.

Just thought I would share.


Psyche Revived by Cupid’s Kiss, 1787 – 93, Antonio Canova (1757 – 1822). Musée du Louvre, Paris, France.

May we all be sweetly inspired.

All images taken by A. Reneé for Darling Afflatus, 2015. Images may not be reused without permission.


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