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Flowers in the Breeze

Spring is officially here! And true to spring comes the march of floral prints, and I certainly could not resist.  A mild spring day accompanied by a soft, cool breeze was the backdrop for my many downtown excursions. The pleasant weather and bright sun led me to only one perfect conclusion… a dress must be worn!

Now when I do my fashion posts, I  do not necessarily have outfits planned to share. Many times, I happen to look  down and realize that I really love the outfit I’m wearing, so I make a point to take a ton of pictures of it to write about it in time. However, I happened to noticed this week that I had a sort of running theme going with a couple ensembles: dresses, floral prints, and flowing fabrics! All of which are perfect for this spring season! However, these dresses happen to both be in two very different styles.

Dress No. 1


What you see here:

  • Grey, Floral Maxi Dress – Free People
  • Black, Satin Sandals – BCBGeneration

I actually came across this dress during the autumn transition into winter. What makes this garment unique to the season, is that it is not the expected palette of pastels that we have all grown accustomed to seeing this time of year. However, the material of the dress is so light, flowing, and feminine that it easily transitions into spring wear. Along with the bold, raspberry-colored flowers playfully, splayed across the dress, it is a perfect early springtime piece. I love the contrast of the high-neckline with the dropped back of the dress. It bares a little skin without being too revealing, and the cross straps in the back are a nice added detail that draws in the eye. I also love that this dress came with a lining. A slip that falls about mid-thigh, so that when the light hits your shape in just the right way a glimpse of your legs can been seen.


What you see here:

  • Burgundy, tear-drop earrings – Banana Republic
  • Silver Elephant necklace and ring – Lucky Brand Jeans
  • Black & Pink Contrast cross body handbag – Zara

In keeping with the bohemian feel of the outfit, I decided to go with jewelry that felt rustic and ethnically inspired to me. That’s where the elephants come in. Two of my favorite go to pieces of jewelry. The earrings were a gift some years back, and I have found that I am able to incorporate them into my wardrobe may I be dressing up or down. Finally, that bag is my go to, anything counts, everyday bag. Its the perfect size to hold exactly what I need, nothing more, nothing less.

Dress No. 2


What you see here:

  • Blue, Floral Print, Shift Dress – Urban Outfitters
  • White, Patent, Soft Loafers – Zara

Now, I am actually surprised I have not written about this next dress sooner as it is one of my absolute favorite dresses. So much so, that I actually bought it in two different colors. Its color, cut, and print are all very feminine, but what draws to me to this dress is the versatility of it in my wardrobe. Because I tend to wear pastels more than anything, I happen to have a lot of pieces that match well with this one dress. So for example, if I want to wear it in slightly cooler weather, I simply match it up with a chunky, over-sized sweater, cozy, knee-high socks, and boots! This dress has never failed me. Like the first dress, it is also lined with a slip and bares the back. However, I did try something new by matching it with my crisp, white loafers instead of my usual choice of sandals. It ended up being a darling set.


What you see here:

  • Earrings and Pastel Yellow Flower Necklace – H&M
  • Purse – Coach

In keeping with the pastel colors of the dress, I chose a necklace that fell into the same color scheme but was large enough to be a statement piece and compliment the flower print of the dress. Always, if I go for a large necklace, I try to balance it with understated earrings. The only thing I think needs an explanation is my choice of purse. This is one of my favorite purses for its perfect size. Much like my Zara bag from earlier, it allows me to carry just enough. However, the color is bold in comparison to the pastels of the outfit. Many may ask, why? And honestly, I am notoriously known to choose a bag that is completely unexpected for many of my outfits. But there is a method to my madness! In this case, I loved the boldness of the blood-orange against the gentle sky blue of the dress. Orange and Blue being contrasting colors on the color wheel, they tend to work out. So, while the purse is unexpected, it does not really take away –  at least it does not to me.

At the end of the day, throwing on a comfy dress in spring is an almost fail proof option! I’m looking forward to more bright days ahead.

I have to thank my friend and photographer, MaQuis Scott, for assisting me with taking the photos. Please take a moment to check out his other works. Also, check out more photos that did not make this post on my instagram page.

May we all be sweetly inspired.

All photos for grey maxi dress were taken by MaQuis Scott for Darling Afflatus, 2015. All collages created by A. Reneé for Darling Afflatus, 2015.


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