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Early Springtime Style

So, here in the lovely city of Los Angeles, CA springtime came early! Well, more like summer came early. We’ve had a nearly unbearable heat wave. But, hey, I’m not complaining. I am more than aware that many across the country are dealing with an intense winter season, so I will count my good luck.

With the pleasant surprise of an early spring came the great opportunity to finally wear a little coveted piece I’ve had hidden away in my closet since Zara’s last autumn/winter sale. Being the diligent shopper I am, I happened upon a white, faux-leather skirt during this sale and got it at a great price. Since, then I’ve been waiting for a chance to wear it out. My chance finally came with this weather warm up and a little excursion (and splurge) to Sephora at the Century City Mall.

Click to see full picture:

What you see here:

  • White, Faux-Leather Skirt – Zara
  • “W” London Luxury T-Shirt – H&M
  • Deena & Ozzy Black, Peep-toe, Wedges – Urban Outfitters
  • Eiffel Tower Necklace – Leola Lace

In May, I’ll be in Paris for 9 days, and I believe this upcoming trip has influenced my fashion choices as of lately. For example, the simple Eiffel Tower necklace pictured has become my new favorite accessory. It was a great deal at an adorable boutique in Little Tokyo called Leola Lace. Much of the jewelry and accessories there are simple, dainty, and feminine, which suits my personal style to a “T”!

The color scheme of this outfit is rather on the dark and simplistic side for my usual tastes. The balck/heather grey of the shirt against the stark white of the skirt makes for a distinctive contrast, and classic black & white can never go wrong. However, the overall dark coloring of the outfit is, I feel, a remnant of the dark color tones winter wardrobes are known for.

This Friday is the first official day of spring, so you better believe the pastels, flowers, and bird/butterfly prints are getting ready to come out in full force.

That aside, the first trickles of spring was just wonderful. Plus, there was a really great colorful art installation at the Century City Mall entitled, “Love Me.2015” by Curtis Kulig. Passing shoppers are encouraged to take photos in front of the art pieces and to share their photos on the mall’s twitter page. With the theme being love and being made of gorgeous,vibrant, faux-flowers, I could not resist a few photo ops.

Until next time, may we all be sweetly inspired… Happy Springtime Style!


All photos taken by A. Reneé for Darling Afflatus, 2015. Art Installation: “Love Me. 2015” by Curtis Kulig located at the Century City Mall, Los Angeles, CA.


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