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LA Winter: Layers & Details

Let it be stated for the record: here in L.A., we don’t do winter. Not that we don’t have a winter – or some version of it – but that we just do not know how to handle drops in temperature below… let’s say 70º F. This is at least true for those of us who are native to the So. Cal city, or who have become so acclimated that they have completely forgotten what it is like to have a real winter. With that being said, frigid, rainy days in this lovely city sends most of us – if not all – into full on crisis mode.

As a result, dressing for the “cold” weather is an event in itself. Primarily, this is because we rarely have opportunities to wear scarves, gloves, boots, and other cold-weather apparel the rest of the world takes for granted. Now, I’m not about to pull out a parka or anything, however, getting cozy and looking good is a fun challenge from time to time.

So, how do we handle dressing for the “winter” in the city known for its fair weather days? Personally, I am a fan of layering. Layers mean temperature control. This is perfect for that off chance the sun decides to reach an unexpected 80º F at random, briefly, during midday in the middle of February. (This is not as uncommon as one would think.) Otherwise, I love layers if only because I am fan of adding little details.  For me, personal style is all about the details.

Below are a few examples of my attempts at staying warm on an uncharacteristically chilly L.A. day.:


Winter Denim Collage created by A. Reneé W. for Darling Afflatus, 2015.

What you see here:

  • BDG Polka Dot Oversized Denim Top – Urban Outfitters
  • H&M Denim Leggings – H &M
  • Zara Oversized Cardigan – Zara (Note: this was a recent purchase, so it may still be available. *Hint, Hint*)
  • Zara Bib Necklace – Zara
  • Jessica Simpson Boots in Natural – Macy’s
  • Grey Infinity Scarf – Handmade by my mommy!!

My favorite thing about this outfit: the coral accent in the bib necklace. Though a small amount, it balances out the blue of the entire outfit. One can never go wrong relying on complimentary colors.


Chilly Pink Day Collage created by A. Reneé W. for Darling Afflatus, 2015

What You see Here:
(Note: All Items are from H&M, unless otherwise stated.)

  • Hot Pink/Light Blue Floral Print Sweater
  • Black Skinny Pant
  • Pink & Gold Ombre Multi-Chain Necklace
  • Sleeveless Watercolor Button Down Top
  • Boots – Cathy Jean

The thing I love most about this outfit is the use of the button down top as an added collar to the crewneck sweater. Its a technique I utilize all the time. I literally buy button downs for this purpose more than anything. I like to look for interesting patterns, fanciful prints, or eye-catching color combinations when I purchase a collared button down. Furthermore, I get the added benefit of having another layer against the cold… brrr.

Finally, I have to say my second favorite detail about both these outfits are the lipsticks! I love make-up,  and you will see me try out a number of make-up looks and techniques. For work though, my standard is a simple look with an outstanding lip! Both lipsticks are by Maybelline, the red is “Siren in Scarlet,” from their winter matte collection. The pink is “Vivid Rose,” from the vivids collection.

Well, soon spring will be in full swing, but until then stay warm out there.



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