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Be Selfish with Your Time

Your time is precious. I implore you to spend it wisely. But even more, be selfish with your time.

This is a lesson I have recently come to learn, and one that I am just now actively putting into practice. I have realized that my time, how I spend it, and who I choose to spend it with is absolutely invaluable. Those who I choose to spend time with should feel a sense of privilege in that distinction, however, I, proportionately, feel honored that they would choose to spend their time with me.

I spent a lot of my life crying, worrying, reminiscing, wishing, and denying. This, all of this, was time wasted. I often felt that I owed it to others to give them a portion of my day or time, simply because they asked. I figured, in my misbegotten humility, that if someone – anyone – wanted to spend even a moment with me, I should simply thank my luck. It never occurred to me that being with me was just as much of a privilege for them. That perhaps, he should thank his luck.

I denied myself time and time again. I coerced myself into agreeing to events I did not want to go to for fear of angering others. I berated myself for even a moments selfishness, for choosing myself over others. I convinced myself that I was doing the right thing, even if I was unhappy with the situation because it pleased others. I would question my right to something better. And after living a life this way, it has just occurred to me that I was being much too hard on myself.

We must, truly we must be more delicate with ourselves.


It would be misleading of me if I gave you an exact moment as to when I made this realization, or more properly, when I finally came to accept this realization. All I can tell you is that it did happen for me.

My time, your time, is precious. It is invaluable and once lost, gone forever. We can never recoup the time we have spent on any endeavor, and that is why we must treat time as the inestimable commodity that it is. It is a priceless resource.

So, now, I am more selfish with my time. I have come to recognize that I do not owe my time to any one person. That I am free to change my mind with whom or how I spend my time. And that my time, in whatever choice I make, is never wasted, because it was my choice.

Today, I daydreamed on the couch, and fell into a restful nap. I researched topics of interest to myself, and entertained myself with one of my favorite past times. Most would say I have had an unproductive Sunday, but I see it much differently.

Down the road I will continue to be selfish with my time. That is to say, I will be more thoughtful with it. I will value it for the cherished possession that it is, and I will seek to use it in a way that is most fulfilling to me. I will share my time with those who have saw fit to share with me. I will give my time freely to those in need and those deserving. And I will ration my time with all else.

With this in mind, I once again implore you to be thoughtful, careful, loving, and – yes – selfish with your time. For it is an honor bestowed upon the few.

Thank you for your time today.

May we all be sweetly inspired.

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