Month: March 2015

Maybe: A Conversation

Maybe, it both plagued her and inspired her to say it.

Maybe was both the bane of her existence and her reason for living.


“Me” Date to the Melrose Trading Post Flea Market

From time to time, I go out on what I like to call “Me” dates. A “Me” date is a date that I take myself on, with absolutely no one else around. Now, it may seem silly, but I call it a date because I get all decked out for these occasions. I pick out a cute outfit, plan an itinerary, and even treat myself to a fancy lunch or dinner. These outings are my chance to get back in touch with myself. To reconnect. To take some time to think about where I am at the present, where I intend to go, and reflect on how I feel about the situation. Its a time to really get to know me, thus its a “Me” date. This past Sunday I was on one such “Me” date, and decided to spend an afternoon at the Melrose Trading Post flea market held at Fairfax High School. I’ve lived in LA my entire life, and for some reason I’ve never made my way to the flea market until …

Fixed, Yet Ever-Changing: Discovering Your Personality Type

For me, one of the many purposes of this life is to learn as much we possibly can. I love to learn about an array of subjects. Yet, and I think we can all agree on this, we love to learn about ourselves most of all. Its part of the reason why we are fascinated by astrology and zodiac signs. Or we gobble up tests that tell us to pick a color and see what that color reveals about your personality… something I just read up on a few days ago. Moving on… While in college I learned about MBTI, also known as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Based on the work of Carl Jung and Isabel Briggs-Myers, this tests suggest 16 different personality type combinations that reflect 4 dimensions of the personality.