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RIP, Leonard Nimoy

When I was a little girl, I had an Uncle who was the closest thing I had to a grandfather in my life. An 80 + year old, ex- WWII vet, my uncle had no filter and had seen more in life than most of us could even imagine. Many of the children in the family feared him, but to me he was my sweet, though slightly rough uncle. Our bond started with Star Trek. I would stay up long past my bed time to watch re-runs of Star Trek with him. I hung on every plot line, every word spoken. Together we would discuss what we had watched, and why it was essentially great! This started a love for all sci-fi related material. And my endearing, if comically one-sided crush on Spock!

Leonard Nimoy was an Icon. He will be sorely missed.



He passed away today at 83.Here’s the New York Times obituary. Doubt there are many people in the world who were so plainly and simply admired as he was, and is.

And rather than to be entirely sad about the end of a life lived well and prosperously, here’s a couple of music videos for you.

Rest in peace, Leonard Nimoy. We are, will always be, your friends.

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