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Challenging the Gender Binary, One Bag at a Time: Pharrell Williams, the first Male Model in a Chanel Bag Campaign

On 31 Rue Cambon, in Paris, France, Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel opened her first boutique and challenged fashion’s status quo. Now, over a century later, Chanel, still synonymous with luxury, continues to break down barriers with its latest video in the ‘Gabrielle’ bag campaign, which debuted Monday, April 24.

Gabrielle Bag

‘Gabrielle’ Bag by Chanel. See for details.

In the latest addition, music and style icon, Pharrell Williams, 44, escapades around in an emptied concert hall, playfully riding on trunks of equipment, and engaging in a balancing act along a beam of lights. However, the novelty in this video lies in that Williams is the first male model to be used in a Chanel bag campaign. Read More


Edward Enninful to Lead British Vogue: An Appointment that Marks a Shift Towards Diversity and Representation

Edward Enninful, fashion and creative director for fashion high end publication, W magazine, was announced as the newly appointed chief-in-editor for British Vogue this month. Successor to Alexandra Shulman, who stepped down from the position in January, Condé Nast international chairman and chief executive, Jonathan Newhouse, described Enninful as, “an influential figure,” within the scope of fashion, and, “supremely prepared to assume the responsibility”. Enninful will assume his new role this coming August.

Enninful’s career in fashion began at the early age of 16 years old, when the Ghanaian-born, London resident was scouted for modeling, and featured in magazines such as Arena and i-D. Two years later, after becoming acquainted with i-D co-founder, Terry Jones, Enninful was appointed fashion director for the British youth magazine. At only 18 years old, Enninful was the youngest ever to be name an editor for such a high profile and internationally acclaimed publication. Read More

Bumbling Around With Online Dating

(Note: Originally written for a class in the Fall 2016 semester. I have decided to edit and update it for my blog.)

Back in September of last year, I tried online dating. Actually, I tried a dating app, but I lump them together in the same category. Being new to the San Francisco, I thought I should give a new pool of men a try, and leave my pessimistic views on dating back in Los Angeles. With my encouraging, and rather enthusiastic, roommate cheering me on, I dove into the online dating world, with a load of skepticism, but willing to open up to the possibilities before me.

Fortunately, there is not as much stigma associated with online dating as there was in the past. In fact, with platforms like Bumble, Tinder, OkCupid, and the like, dating, meeting, and “hooking-up” via online is quite the acceptable norm.

Let’s look at the numbers.

On any given day of the week, you could do a Google search and find plenty of statistics on the number of people actually using online dating services. The answer, by the way, is 40 million according to Read More

From Moonlight to The Limelight: Joi McMillon is the first Black, female to be Nominated for an Oscar in the Editing Category.

Academy Award season has swept across Tinseltown, and is the trending topic in news feeds across social media platforms. But this year, there is a new sensation in the air as Hollywood seems to be making strides towards more diversity and consciousness. With films like “Moonlight,” “Fences,” and “Hidden Figures” getting best picture nominations, this is a welcomed change considering this hot button issue has been one of deep seeded strife and conversation. One may recall last year’s #SoWhite boycott that encouraged Black Hollywood and other POC to boycott the awards in protest to nominees.

However, this inclusion goes beyond nominating movies featuring Black leading actors to include those minds who make the final movie the product the audience sees on the silver screen. One notable nomination is that of Joi McMillon, who is the first Black female to be nominated for an award in the editing category.

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Healing & Gratitude: A 2017 Year-Long Theme

I believe that with each new year certain themes take precedence in our lives. This time last year, I had written a blog post expressing nothing but my sincerest gratitude for all that I had experienced in 2015. Keeping that theme in mind, I made it a point to express gratitude to all those I encountered throughout 2016. I consciously and consistently told those who showed me kindness, showed me empathy, and showed me support that I appreciated them. I said, “Thank you,” a lot; and you know what? People responded with warmth and acceptance.

It goes without saying that 2016 for humanity, as a whole, was rather disheartening. We, collectively, witnessed our species at its lowest, most bigoted, and most disparaging. It was a tough year, and due to the actions of some we humans – especially those in this country – will have to endure the consequences of our foolish and selfish choices. I will be honest, I am wary of the next four years to come. Read More